The TOP 5 major sunglasses trends for summer 2022

That's it ! Spring is finally on its way! And when that time of year arrives, many of us want to know the news spring-summer trends. Both in terms of colors, shapes and materials, the great designers always have surprises in store for us when it comes to the models of sunglasses in vogue for the summer. What do the big fashion shows have in store for us this year in terms of sunglasses? Here is a selection that will inspire you!

The 5 Big Sunglasses Trends for 2022

It is with great pleasure that we have shopped for you the most beautiful frames of sunglasses and selected our favorites for him and her. 

But before presenting them to you, here is our brief guide to help you select the pair of glasses that will perfectly match the features of your face. 

How to choose your sunglasses in 3 simple steps? 

1. The shape of your face

Do you have a rather long face? Stay away from sunglasses that accentuate this length. So, favor models that are larger than small. This will rebalance the lines of your face. style models PilotOversizedEye of cat, Visor or even Butterfly will fit you perfectly, as long as they are the right size. Conversely, avoid small round models or those with geometric lines.  

As for the other face shapes, the concept remains the same. Try to find a sunglasses structure that will compensate for the shape of your face. Along these lines, if your face shape is very structured, as is your jawline, rounded glasses will soften your solid features, while square glasses will give more structure to round faces. You see ? It's all about balance. 


2. Choosing the frame

When choosing the type of frame for your new sunglasses, pay close attention to color, material and features. These three elements will give a completely different look to your face. Some elements catch the eye. Let us think in particular of a double bridge on a pair of sunglasses. It will draw attention to that part of your face, the root and the bridge of your nose. If you have a prominent nose that causes you complexes, avoid at all costs choosing a frame that will highlight it. Similarly, if you are discreet in nature, do not choose a frame that is too colorful. Instead, favor timeless colors such as black, brown or tortoise. Metal is also a sober material that does not go out of style, as long as the color chosen is also timeless. 

3. The importance of lenses

First and foremost, lenses should protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays. In order to be certain of the effectiveness of the lenses, choose a pair of sunglasses bearing CE certification. This must be written on the mount itself. This certification guarantees that the lenses meet European standards. If you love the outdoors, outdoor sports and landscapes, choose polarized lenses. They will allow you to better see contrasts and limit reflections. As for the choice of color, it is very personal. Neutral tones such as black and gray are quite timeless although bolder colored lenses are very much in vogue. 


The colorful frame

After several years of betting on sunglasses in classic colors and shapes, the designers are more daring this year. One of the big summer trends is the colored acetate frame. Here, we are not necessarily talking about choosing a neon yellow or green bezel with golden stars, but more about adding a touch of color to your accessory to complete your look and add a touch of originality to it. The color can be on the whole frame, on the outside or the inside of the branch only or in the reflection of the lenses. With those polarized sunglasses, make way for color gradients, mirror lenses, colored frames and a casual look. 


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Sports glasses

Fashion is a spinning wheel. Whether you like a trend or not, it will certainly resurface. With sports participation skyrocketing in our lives, it was only a matter of time before the glasses for sports are regaining popularity. This version with a metal frame is an excellent compromise since it offers a sporty but chic look at the same time. Polarized, they are available in different colors that are more sober or very vibrant.


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cat's eye

Again this year, the cat eye sunglasses are in all the parades. Do you love fashion and are always on the lookout for new trends? Here are the glasses you need! Turn heads this summer with these polarized sunglasses. The rounded and slightly raised shape instantly gives radiance to the face. Available in five classic colors, they will match perfectly with each of your outfits. sunglasses_for_women_shop_pratico

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The half frame

The half frame sunglasses is a popular accessory for those who want to protect themselves from the sun while expressing their personality. The expressive upper part of the design brings an elegant and distinguished look. Available in several color variations with polarized lenses, this model of sunglasses is an excellent choice if you are looking to stand out. 


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eye health; not just a summer affair

Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses are not important only in summer. It is true that during the summer season, the radiation of the sun is more intense. However, it is necessary to protect our eyes year-round since the sun, even in winter, is likely to damage the retina of the eye. Thus, let's not see the pair of glasses only as a trendy accessory that we only wear a few months a year. Let's see it as an ally that allows us to keep our eyes healthy while giving taste and character to our clothing style.

What style of sunglasses will you adopt this summer?

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